Five Teams that Could/Should Inquire about Eagles QB Nick Foles

Nick Foles’ stock may never be higher after winning the Super Bowl, and several teams have undoubtedly taken notice.

Updated: Feb. 7, 2018 • 9:48 PM ET

Nick Foles could be a hot commodity in the NFL this offseason.

The Philadelphia Eagles were considered underdogs during their entire playoff run to a Super Bowl title, and for good reason. Who could have ever predicted that a backup quarterback would be the one to take down Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s Patriots — That not only would the backup quarterback win, but become the Super Bowl MVP?


Before this month’s Super Bowl, the hottest feasible quarterback commodity was former Washington Redskins signal-caller Kirk Cousins. With Washington’s recent trade for Alex Smith, Cousins is available for any team willing to pay the exuberant price he’s asking for. And with many teams in need of a quarterback this offseason, it seemed that interest in Cousins has been at an all-time high. But after Nick Foles’ unbelievable playoff run with the Eagles, that might have all changed going into the offseason.


To be fair, Foles is under contract with the Eagles, unlike Cousins, who is a free agent. If a team wants Foles, they’ll have to trade for him. And the big question is, would the Eagles be willing to part with Foles?


With the uncertainty surrounding Carson Wentz’s injury, the Eagles will most likely opt to keep Foles to start the 2018-19 season. However, if Wentz can return in time for the beginning of next season, there’s a chance teams will still be interested in acquiring Foles. Below is a list of teams that might be willing to make a trade for the most recent Super Bowl MVP.





Cleveland Browns


With the first- and fourth-overall picks in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns are poised to grab essential players they so desperately need. Even though the Browns drafted a quarterback in last year’s draft and have other young quarterbacks currently on the roster, they’re still looking to improve at the position.


The Browns also having three picks in the second round of the upcoming draft puts them in a perfect position to make a deal with whomever, if they’re willing to part with one of the picks. And with the woeful state of the franchise, they need all the help they can get. But if they’re willing to spend the money, Cleveland might just go after Cousins instead of relinquishing one of their top draft picks for Foles.





New York Jets


The Jets have three young quarterbacks that rode the bench last season behind 38-year-old Josh McCown. With McCown becoming a free agent this offseason, the Jets have to find someone who can lead them into the future. Equipped with the No. 6 overall pick in the draft, the Jets could be looking to make headway with a new quarterback, or they could go after a quarterback with experience, who has proven that he’s capable of competing at the highest level.


With no veteran presence at the position, the Jets should make a move for Foles. They have a high draft pick, but it’s doubtful that they’ll be able to get the quarterback they want. Not to mention, they would have to pay an unproven quarterback more than what they would have to for Foles next season. If the Jets are smart, they should strike for Foles while the iron is hot.





Buffalo Bills


Staying in the state of New York, the Bills are also in the market for a new man behind center. With lackluster play from Nathan Peterman and Tyrod Taylor last season, the Bills could be looking to move in a different direction at the quarterback position. They could opt to stay with Peterman, but he didn’t exactly dazzle last season with his 38.4 quarterback rating.


Having the 21st and 22nd overall picks in the upcoming draft, the Bills might be too low to nab one of the premier quarterback prospects. They could trade one of their first-round picks to move up, or offer one of their first-round picks for Foles.





Denver Broncos


Foles most likely won’t go to the Broncos, as Denver is one of the top candidates to sign Cousins that may be willing to pay the money he’s asking for. With one of the best defenses in the league, the Broncos have only a short window left to make huge strides in the next few years. But if they want to get closer to achieving their goals, the Broncos need a quarterback that can put their offense in a position to assist their already stellar defense.


Make no mistake, the Broncos are in the market for a quarterback and are considering all options. If Cousins chooses to continue his career elsewhere, Elway could make a push for Foles, who has already proven that he’s more than capable of being that guy.





Arizona Cardinals


With Carson Palmer announcing his retirement shortly after head coach Bruce Arians in January, and with Drew Stanton and Blain Gabbert both becoming free agents, the Cardinals don’t have anyone at quarterback under contract for 2018. Though the Cardinals will more than likely draft a quarterback in the upcoming draft, they could be looking at the free agency market and possibly a trade to fill the void left by Palmer.


The Cardinals have a history of revitalizing quarterback careers. In 2013, Palmer was thought to be nearly retired or at the end of his career before new general manager Steve Keim got a steal by trading a sixth-round pick for the rejuvenated quarterback. Though the Cardinals are also one of the top teams in the market for Cousins, they could be looking for a cheaper alternative with their limited cap space.


After sustaining so many injuries last season, Arizona still managed to finish with an 8-8 record. With the return of David Johnson, who head coach Steve Wilks says the offense will be built around, Foles would be a perfect fit for what the Cardinals are looking for. But considering the last time the Cardinals pursued an Eagles backup quarterback (Matt Barkley), they might be a little more refrained this time around.

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