With the Super Bowl Concluded, XFL Football is Roughly a Year Away

With the Super Bowl Concluded, XFL Football is Roughly a Year Away

With the 2018-19 NFL season over, the league can explore new opportunities, including a possible partnership with a returning football league.

Updated: Feb. 4, 2019 • 8:05 AM ET

XFL founder Vince McMahon is looking to make sure the league works this time around.

With the NFL playoffs concluded, the league can look to the future and possibly unforeseen partnerships.

Since folding after a single season in 2001, XFL owner Vince McMahon has wanted to bring the league back to the forefront. Thus, in 2020, the XFL will recommence play, leaving many football questions going forward.

Though the league will face much adversity during its re-establishment, the most impertinent obstacles facing the XFL is whether they’ve learned from the previous mistakes that killed the league. Of course, most NFL fans probably aren’t too concerned about the resurrection of the long since thought dead league. Though, honestly, NFL fans should be excited.

The NFL should be fully ready to embrace the XFL and even help the league moving forward. With so much controversy surrounding the NFL, they may be able to fix one of their most important issues. With the draft in a few months and OTAs following, it’s already known that many drafted players either won’t see any playing time, or will eventually be cut without really being given a chance to perform outside of preseason.

Unlike baseball, which has farm leagues where teams can send their prospects and even current players down to get valuable playing time, the NFL has no such institution. One of the biggest criticisms facing the NFL is that the league relies too heavily on unproven college players, whom they draft and have to groom to mature into their roles. Unfortunately, for a lot of players, that process is slow and in a few years time, more players can get drafted, leaving them with nowhere else to go except for possibly Canada or one of the indoor leagues.

With the XFL’s emergence, it seems like one of the key shortcomings of the NFL might be solved for them. The XFL has learned from previous mistakes. They have chosen to play their season during the spring and summer, when the NFL is in its offseason. They’ve elected not to compete with the NFL when it comes to drafting players; though let’s be honest, they wouldn’t be able to even if they tried. It’s a wise decision on the part of the XFL to accept their role.

Though it’s unlikely that the NFL will form any type of partnership with the XFL in the foreseeable future, it would be wise for them to work in tandem with the XFL instead of seeing them as a competitor. And, it’s not unlikely that two leagues can come together. Just look at the partnership that arose between the USL and MLS. The co-operation between the two leagues has led to great benefits for both leagues.

Though there are other football leagues like the AFL, the Indoor Football League and others, they don’t have nearly the backing like the XFL will. And, the XFL’s potential expansion upon success could mean that cities with major football interests can be satisfied. After all, there are a lot of big markets out there that are just ripe for football expansion.

All and all, the XFL has yet to play a single snap, let alone sign any major players. However, if done right this time, the XFL can be a major proponent to the future of football moving forward.

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